GET TO KNOW: Karen Myers

Director of Operations, Big Man Washes, Inc.

Karen Myers - Director of Operations, Big Man Washes, Inc.

Karen was born near the Straits of Mackinaw in Northern Michigan, but didnít stay long. As the daughter of a manager for a national retail chain, the family moved often until high school found her back north in Minnesota. During high school and college in Minnesota, Karen worked in food service to earn tuition money. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Karen continued in food service as a manager for a national chain. One particularly cold, snowy winter convinced her that the northern climes were not for her. Moving south to Kansas City, Karen worked primarily in office management and bookkeeping. In 1998 Karen decided to start her own business, offering bookkeeping services as well as providing office management consulting to small entrepreneurs and start-up companies. At that time she also became a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

In 2004 one of her clients, who had been trying to convince Karen to join their Government Contracting firm, moved to the Piney Woods of Texas. That sealed the deal for Karen. After 9 years in Tyler the desire for a return to big city living sent Karen looking for opportunities in the Dallas area. Fortunately, Wes and his band of merry men were looking for a new Controller at the same time. After slaying a few dragons in this area, Karen was offered the position of Director of Operations. Her communication and organization skills give her a strong foundation in her role as facilitator.

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