Car Wash Equipment: Support

Hydraulic Power Packs
Hydraulic Power Packs

Power Packs with Vickers Vane Pumps

Power Packs with Vickers Vane Pumps

All power packs complete with:

  • Sight glass & temperature gauge
  • Return line filter
  • Filter breather
  • Clean-out cover(s)
  • Suction strainer
  • System relief
  • Pressure compensated flow control
  • Pressure gauge
  • Low level switch
  • Vickers vane pump on 5HP through 20HP packs
  • Vickers gear pump on 3HP packs

Options: 3HP – 11 gal reservoir | 5HP – 25 gal reservoir | 7.5HP – 25 gal reservoir | 10HP – 25 gal reservoir | 15HP – 40 gal reservoir | 20HP – 80 gal reservoir

Pump Stations
Pump Stations

Wanner H-25 Pump Stations

WANNER H-25 Pump Stations
  • Wanner H-25 pump rated for 25 gpm @ 1000 psi, but sized in this application to deliver 20 gpm up to
  • Oversized pump ensures long life
  • Includes in-line strainer to protect pump and prevent nozzle clogging
  • Reservoir equipped with a 1-inch automatic fill valve rated at 70 gpm
  • Overflow manifold mounted to reservoir to keep motor dry in case of overflow


WANNER D-35 Pump Stations
  • Wanner D-35 pump rated for 35 gpm @ 1000 psi, but sized in this application to deliver 30 gpm up to 1000 psi
  • Oversized pump ensures long life
  • Includes in-line strainer to protect pump and prevent nozzle clogging
  • Reservoir equipped with a 1-inch automatic fill valve rated at 70 gpm
  • Overflow manifold mounted to reservoir to keep motor dry in case of overflow


HPG 100 Pressure Gun Units
  • Single/dual pump stations include two/four MVC920 pressure guns with insulated lances, nozzles, and protectors, and 20 ft. of 3/8-in. wire-braid hose
  • Unit has own poly reservoir with lid and is filled by a #530 hydrominder, allowing optional proportioning of cleaning solution into reservoir
  • Available with CAT 7CP, Arimitsu K508, or Wanner D10 pumps
  • Available Voltages: 190V/ 208V-230V/ 380V/ 460V (Specify voltage when ordering)
Air Compressors
Air Compressors


STANDARD Compressors Include:

  • 100% Cast Iron Pump, Starter Mounted and Wired, Pressure Switch, Manual Drain Valve, OSHA-Approved Belt Guard, Mounted Inter-Cooler, High Dust Inlet Filter, High-Grade Rubber Vibration Pads

FULL PACKAGE Compressors ALSO Include:

  • Air-cooled after-cooler with safety valve that removes water and lowers air temperature
  • Programmable Auto Drain 115V that insures water removal from tank
  • Full-time low-level oil switch that stops unit when low on oil
  • Dual control ( start/stop or constant speed control 10-hp knob)
Horizontal Compressors
Vertical Compressors

Horizontal Compressors:

  • 5 HP 80-Gallon
  • 10 HP 120-Gallon
  • 15 HP 120-Gallon

Vertical Compressors:

  • 5 HP 80-Gallon
  • 7.5 HP 80-Gallon
  • 10 HP 120-Gallon


Champion Reciprocating Air Compressors

Champion compressors deliver high performance, long life, and tremendous value. And the Two-Stage Duplex models yield the flexibility of single operation, alternating between compressors, or duplex operation to meet high air demand. Standard features include:

  • Multi-threaded cylinders
  • Reliable, high-flow valves
  • Balanced pistons


Compressed Air Dryers

Moisture in your compressed air system can reduce reservoir capacity and affect pneumatic control performance. Trust Ingersoll Rand Compressed Air Dryers to remove water vapor and contaminants to help provide the clean, dry, filtered air you need.

  • Built-in wall-mount bracket
  • Separator and automatic drain system
  • Visual water alarm indicator
  • 115 Volts, complete with 6-foot power cord


Vacuum System

  • Cast-aluminum 1/2-inch turbine heads improve cooling and extend bearing life
  • Heavy-duty cast iron /TEFC 208V/230V/460V
  • 2-year warranty on high-efficiency motor
  • Turbine impeller-rotating assembly – supported by two precision, 4-bolt industrial flanged bearings with zircon fittings for lubricating
  • Backward curve impeller design for greater efficiency

Vacuum Separator

  • 12-gauge steel with automotive-type finish inside and out
  • Polypropylene, corrosion-resistant, 17-gal. waste bucket
  • 64 sq. ft. of highly efficient polyester filter material, does not include mounting stand or filter bag assembly
Power Packs with Vickers Vane Pumps
Power Packs with Vickers Vane Pumps

Central Vacuum Systems

  • 7.5 HP
  • 10 HP
  • 15 HP
  • 20 HP
  • 25 HP


Commercial Vacuums
  • On/off toggle switch
  • 2 or 3 - 1.6HP, 110 volt Ametek motors
  • 2 service doors (single door on 8105)
  • 4 quick-change filter bags
  • Stainless steel dome
  • Optional push button on/off switch
  • Additional optional timers, motors, colored hoses, and clean-out bag are available


VAC and Air Combination
  • 4 quick-change filter bags on 2-door models
  • 2 filter bag assemblies on 1-door models
  • Ύ HP oil-less Thomas air compressor standard, 18-month warranty
  • Side-mounted, easy-coil, adjustable speed, retractable hose reel for air
  • 25ft air hose with 90 PSI air gauge
  • 2 separate Imonex coin mechanisms, takes quarters
  • both services can be used simultaneously by separate customers
  • Pin locks
  • Hose: 2in by 15ft, swivel cuff and nozzle, optional 1½in available
  • Optional Devilbiss air compressor available, 6-month warranty
  • Optional security accessories, timers, coin mechs, cycle counters, coin counters, motors, colored hoses, and clean-out bag are available



Sonny’s RocketVac saves electricity by eliminating the need to run a central vacuum system during periods of slower traffic. Designed to match the look and feel of our VAC 1100 central vacuum self-serve stations, the two can be mixed on an express-exterior property without disrupting the overall appearance of the location. On bad weather days when traffic is slow, only the RocketVacs are available for customers to use, lowering utility consumption. When traffic increases, customers can use both the central vacuum stations and RocketVacs to increase production capacity.

  • Shown with optional blue-powder coating — call for price
  • A less expensive vacuum solution
  • Small footprint
  • Easy access to motor for service
  • Easy access to filter bags and catch bin for cleanup and maintenance
  • Start-up button with timer for energy efficiency
  • 22.5 ft of 1.5-in diameter heavy-duty hose included
  • 1.5-in vacuum nozzle included
  • Inlet valve for vacuum and hose-to-valve adapter included
Computer Systems | Controls
Computer Systems | Controls

SONNY'S AutoPilot Controls

Sonny's Control System
SONNY'S AutoPilot™ Controls

Point of Sale (POS) Systems and Controls for Car Wash Equipment

AutoPilot car wash equipment point of sale software and car wash controllers improve operational efficiency, now with automated car wash retrofits for DRB Systems relay panels.

Tunnel Controller and POS Integration

Picture yourself on a well deserved day off; maybe enjoying a round of golf or reading a book by your favorite author, knowing that you have absolute control over what's going on at your car wash. This is possible with SEAMLESS Car Wash Management from AutoPilot™.

Flex Serve & Express Exterior

Auto Pilot Car Wash Control System

Express-Exterior, Flex-Serve, and Full-Serve washes with an Exterior Lane can eliminate labor and take seamless car wash management to the next level with the fully integrated AutoPilot and an Automated Pay Station. All financial transactions are processed via a secured pay terminal that provides daily reconciled reports via the ProfitPilot internet-enabled dashboard in real-time, at the touch of a button.

Full Serve

Auto Pilot Car Wash Controllers

Total control demands transparent accountability, and AutoPilot Car Wash Control Systems delivers. Designed for seamless integration, when used together, the WashPilot Tunnel Controller and ProfitPilot Car Wash POS deliver a formidable solution to centralize all aspects of your operation. You can retrieve accurate, consolidated reconciliation reports from anywhere you can connect to the internet, and know that you’re getting paid for every car wash you deliver, service you perform, or product you sell.

DRB Systems

Products include automated management systems, POS terminals, hand-held portable touchscreen terminals, self-pay stations.

DRB Systems

Motor Control Center
Motor Control Center


  • Budgeted price for specified system quote only. Pricing may vary depending on site considerations and options
  • Controls – 24V (1 KVA transformer)
  • Main lug-only panel
  • Two-door enclosure – 48” x 72” NEMA 12
  • Siemens full-voltage starters with adjustable trip motor starter protection
  • Control power switch with status light

Square D Model 6 Motor Control Centers

Square D Model 6 Motor Control Centers

Designed and manufactured to tackle the toughest power and process control challenges, the Model 6 Motor Control Center features the industry-finest innovations to provide unmatched performance, high reliability and low maintenance. The feature-rich modular design minimizes space and maximizes ease-of-use and accessibility of your motor control devices, and meets or exceeds UL, CSA, NEMA and EEMAC standards.

We can easily tailor the Model 6 MCC to meet the unique needs of your application.

Reclaim Systems
Reclaim Systems


<strong>Sonny’s</strong> Reclaim System

SRC201 Water Reclaim and Odor Control System

The SRC200 gives you total odor control in your car wash with UV technology that is a proven and efficient way of producing ozone (O³). No air prepping is required.

The dual automatic backwashing filter delivers a 100-gpm flow of reclaim water. Particle size is reduced to 25 microns or less. There are no filter bags to replace or exchange with this unit. A signal from your car wash controller turns the filter on and off when necessary.



Free Standing Combination Series II

Great Water Recovery

Can work in small packages at low prices.

Free Standing Combination Series II

Available Options

  • 12 gram ozone injection
  • 24 gram ozone injection
  • 36 gram ozone injection
  • Enzyme dosing control<
  • Oxine treatment injection
  • Maintenance Guard Advisor *
  • Pump Guard **

* Maintenance Guard Advisor includes Pump Guard

** Limited Pump Warranty on Systems Not Equipped with Pump Guard

K-BW "BIG BOY" Series

  • Twin self-cleaning stainless filter housing and elements
  • 10 HP process pump with strainer basket
  • 25u absolute filtered water quality*
  • U/L listed electrical control system
  • K-BW
  • Mass Air Injection pre-treatment
  • Includes Pump Guard Advisor
  • 1.5 HP ozone re-circulation pump
  • Flow rates up to 200 GPM
  • Vortex particle accelerator
  • Brass check valves

* 25 Micron equals 0.0009, the size of a single white blood cell

Available Options

  • 12 gram ozone injection
  • Additional 12 gram ozone modules
  • Enzyme dosing control
  • Oxine treatment injection
  • Maintenance Guard Advisor *
  • All stainless steel housing and seperator
*Limited Pump Warranty on Systems Not Equipped with Pump Guard
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Reverse Osmosis Systems



Models 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

  • Slim-line, Powder-coated aluminum Wall-mounted frame with E-Z install brackets
  • Fiberglass pressure vessels
  • 316 stainless steel contrifugal pump
  • Physical conditioner*
  • Easy connect upper and lower level control switches in electronic box
  • Adjustable frequency auto flush
  • Integrated cleaning feature
  • Electronic control with TDS monitor/visual alarm
  • 316 stainless steel recycle valve
  • Concentrate flow meter
  • Permeate flow meter
  • Low pressure automatic reset
  • First array pressure gauge
  • Feed pressure gauge
  • Concentrate control gauge
  • 316 stainless steel concentrate control valve
  • UL listed control box
  • Tank Full float ball
  • 5 micron pre-filter
  • Carbon filter with auto backwash
  • Compact footprint (6'H x 42"L x 27" W)
  • Pre-plumbed and pre-wired
Parts, Parts, Parts
Parts, Parts, Parts


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  • Air Supply
  • Applicators
  • Bearings & Collars
  • Brushes
  • Cloth
  • Controllers - Switches
  • Conveyor Parts
  • Cylinders & Shocks
  • Detailing & Polishing
  • Detergent Accessories
  • Fittings
  • Hose & Accessories
  • Hydraulic & Motors
  • Maintenance
  • Miscellaneous Items
  • Motors & Electric
  • Nozzles
  • Pumps
  • Pump Accessories
  • Replacement Parts
  • Signs & Decals
  • Vacuums & Accessories
  • Valves & Solenoids
  • Vending
  • Auto Accessories
  • +++


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