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Big Man Washes offers a full line of products for both Restorative and Express Detailing needs. You will find our comprehensive line of products and equipment is unrivaled within the region. By carrying a premier line of Detailing chemicals, supplies, and tools, and pairing these with an innovative offering of equipment, training and management programs, we can provide solutions for any detail operation no matter how large or small. Please contact usand we will come out and give you a free evaluation of your detail shop.

Express Detailing

Express Detailing programs are a maintenance level of detail service, that most commonly include an express wax application, express interior cleaning or a carpet shampoo. These services are limited in scope and are desinged to “maintain” the appearance of the vehicle. Unlike restorative services, which involve heavy stain removal from carpets and paint scratch and oxidation repair that can take hours, and require equipment and well trained staff to complete them, Express Detailing is designed for each service to be performed in 20 minutes or less by staff with minimal training. Every vehicle will need these services, and each can be performed with minimal equipment, in a short period of time. This makes Express Detailing an ideal profit center to be added to yourcar wash. Let us work with you to evaluate your wash to see if Express Detailing is for you.

Express Detailing Products:

Big Man carries a full line of products to fulfill all your express detailing needs, to include:

  • Chemicals – we carry a full line of high quality waxes, cleaners, conditioners, and dressings, that are easy to use and will give you great results.
  • Equipment – extractors, polishing tools, pads, towels, and applicators – everything you need to quickly and efficiently process cars in less than 20 minutes.
  • Marketing Material – custom designed signs, flyers, and menus to help you get the customers attention, and help you make the sale.

Express Detailing Training:

Our staff has over 4 decades of experience managing and operating Express Detail operations. We can help integrate an Express Detail program into your wash and train you in the following areas:

  • Service Writers – point of sale training that will help your staff make the sale, without the hard sell, so your program is a success.
  • Detailing Staff – we will train your staff, and help you implement processes to maintain efficiency, consistency, and thoroughness.
  • Management – we'll train you and your managers how to implement and manage the program, reporting procedures and seamlessly integrate Express Detail intoyour current operations.

Express Detail Starter Kit

Restoration Detailing

Restorative Detailing is part art, and part science that takes years to master, and requires specialized equipment to perform. Often referred to as "Full Detailing", or just "Detailing", Restorative Detailing services include engine cleaning, stain removal on carpets and fabric, odor removal, vinyl and leather cleaning and conditioning and paint restoration and protection. These services typically take hours to perform and require an in depth knowledge of vehicle materials and how to restore them. Our experienced and qualified team of sales and service staff can assist you in every aspect of your detail operations. Every member of our team is a Certified Detailer through the International Detailing Association, so you will be working with recognized experts in the detail industry.

Restorative Detailing

Detailing Products:

Big Man carries a full line of products to fulfill all your restorative detailing needs, to include:

  • Chemicals – a full line of high quality waxes, paint sealants, compounds, general purpose cleaners, degreasers, solvents, vinyl and leather conditioners, and dressings.
  • Compliant Car Care – this bi-lingual turnkey concept helps detailers match the product to the appropriate spray bottle by color coding and because it's based on color, they know exactly what product goes with what color. This system provides a simplistic approach to product management and safety compliance.
  • Equipment – stand alone or central Vacuum systems, a full line of extractors, buffing and polishing tools, pressure washers, high tech detail systems and in-bay car washes
  • Supplies – a full range of applicator and buffing/polishingpads, terry and microfiber towels, cleaning and detail brushes, wash mitts, and scrubbers.
  • Marketing Material – custom designed service drive signs, advertising flyers, and service menus that will catch the customers eye, and

Detail Training:

Our staff has decades of experience atboth managing and detailing cars. All members of our staff are International Detailing Association Certified Detailers. As such we teach you best practices, and the most current techniques in the industry today. We will train you in the following areas:

  • Manager/Management Training – we'll teach your department manager best practices in reporting, inventory control and staffing management for your operation, and give them the tools they need to succeed.
  • Detailing Staff – we'll teach you how to implement processes and train your staff to perform the services at an expert level, and then help you maintain that level.
  • Employee Hiring – we can help you find and hire the right staff and management personnel to make your operation a success and take it to the next level.
  • Extra Services – we can train you in a full range of extra services, like Headlight Restoration, and Windshield Chip Repair, to help your center be even more profitable.

A Solution for Detail Operations

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