Car Wash Equipment

Big Man Washes offers an extensive line of car wash equipment. Our car wash equipment includes tunnel, in-bay, support, vacuum systems, and self-serve with several options for each type of equipment. We pride ourselves on the broad range of equipment offered allowing Big Man Washes and Big Man Development to be your single source for your car wash needs regardless of the type of car wash you construct.

Tunnel Car Wash Equipment

We provide you with all your needs in the tunnel car wash industry. We stock only the most versatile tunnel equipment from the well established company: Sonny's.

Tunnel equipment offered includes: conveyors, pre-wash units, light touch wheel, tire, top brushes, high pressure touch free washes, finishing touches machinery and drying machinery. Each of these different types of equipment offered allows for several options so that you have the choice of what you want, at the price you want, and that the machinery you purchase fits with the car wash you are constructing.

In-Bay Equipment Car Wash Equipment

We offer several different brands of car wash equipment for in-bay designs as well from Sonny's and Oasis so that you get what you need when selecting your equipment. By leveraging our knowledge, you can make a better decision based on the facts about the car wash equipment you are purchasing.

Each unit we offer provides different features that will guarantee you have the car wash you are looking for. The range of equipment we offer provides features such as auto-adjustment and the ability to choose various washing speeds.

Support Equipment

We understand that sometimes equipment does break down. That's why we provide you with several options to repair your car wash. With every unit we stock, we provide the proper equipment to fix any malfunctioning piece. Big Man Washes's expert staff will also be available to repair any equipment you need so that we become the only resource you need when maintaining your car wash.

Self-Service Car Wash Equipment

The self-service options we offer are provided by both, Jet Stream and National Pride Equipment. Jet Stream proves to be the most advanced technology in self-service car washes out there. They use a computer technology to ensure the life of the equipment used. It's perfect for your location if you are confined in space because of its compact design. The Jet Stream self-service station uses circuit breaker protection so that you don't need to check any fuses. Whether it's hot or cold, you will know that the self-service station will work because of its freeze protection. Jet Stream also allows you to use decals and other decorative materials to make sure that your car wash matches with the design you have pictured in your head.

Big Man Washes

With Big Man Washes, servicing Texas, Oklahoma, and surrounding areas, you are guaranteed quality. We are an authorized select service organization for Sonny's. Each one of our staff that will work with you is specifically trained and certified to handle Sonny's equipment so during construction your equipment is in good hands.

No matter what type of car wash you are constructing, Big Man Washes can provide you with both the knowledge and the car wash equipment to make sure that you get exactly what you paid for. We will do our best to provide you with service that allows you to construct your car wash with no hassle.

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