Car Wash Equipment Distributors

Big Man Washes strives to be one of the premier car wash equipment distributors in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area.

As a car wash equipment distributor, we carry four different types of equipment:

  • Tunnel Equipment
  • Automatic Equipment
  • Self Serve Equipment
  • Support Equipment

Based on our experience, the range of car wash equipment we offer includes some of the most reliable, consistent, and cost effective equipment available on the market today.

State of the Art Car Wash Equipment

Our state-of-the-art equipment assures that your car wash functions at optimal levels allowing car wash operators to become more successful and profitable. In addition to providing you with the equipment necessary for your car wash, Big Man Washes also provides you with architects and builders who will construct your car wash from the ground up. Once built, we provide service and installation training and total factory support.

Our primary goal is to offer a full line of products making your car wash as efficient and profitable as possible.

The innovative equipment comes with options to match your financial, engineering and size requirements. Our equipment is designed to keep maintenance to a minimum and as a result we receive few, if any, complaints about the malfunction of our equipment.

Our distribution center provides equipment so you can rest assured that you will receive your purchases at the same time.

The Goal Of Big Man Washes

As a car wash equipment distributor, our goals, which guarantee the satisfaction you and your customers, are:

  1. To provide a full and complete service to our customers.
  2. To stay focused on ethics, teamwork, and the delivery of our solutions as a company.
  3. To offer so much value to our customers, that they will not even consider using any other company.

With these goals in mind, we maintain a team that constantly feels excited to serve you working one-on-one with you maintaining a hands-on experience for all your car wash needs.

We are always searching for cutting-edge solutions to the various problems that car wash operators face, therefore we always keep abreast of current technology trends.

Our services, which are unmatched by any other company, include:

  • Equipment Sales and Installation
  • Renovations and Remodeling
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Chemical Sales and Services
  • Design and Construction
  • Consulting Services

With services like these and the personal experience we deliver, we promise to fulfill every one of our goals.

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