Car Wash Development

Big Man Washes, along with it's general construction company - Big Man Development, has quickly setup a name for itself as a leading organization in the car wash industry by offering quality services that result in increased customer satisfaction. We are pursuant in providing active solutions to our customers and in helping them resolve a range of issues pertaining to car wash. We provide equipment, construction, chemicals and service to professional operators, while helping first time investors as well by offering customized and exclusive solutions. Our focus is to cater the individual needs of our clients, something which we take very seriously.

Our business is based on the principles of customer satisfaction and building relationships with them. Big Man Washes has collaboration with some of industry's recognized leaders to offer its customers with quality products and services. We have teamed up with leading suppliers of car wash equipment, parts, and supplies, including controllers, point of sales, vacuum deliver system, water reclamation, spot-free systems, and blower alternatives.


Our vision is to allow customers to drive clean. Over the years, we have gained a reputation for providing value to our customers through convenient, reliable, quality car washes, services, and products. Our highly trained and motivated staff of professionals offers unique services to the clients by utilizing latest technology and equipment.


From the very beginning, our mission is to consistently provide focused strategies and solution to our customers that largely contributed in our success. Our mission is based on 3 principles:

  • To provide our clients with a complete range of products and services that reduces costs and maximizes profits through successful operations.
  • To ensure a professional environment wherein strong work ethics, teamwork, and effective delivery solutions are rampant.
  • To achieve a competitive advantage in the industry by offering dedicated services to our clients that will ensure a continued relationship with them.

About Our Services

After working for years in the industry, Big Man Washes has become a premier car wash development company by offering pertinent solutions using latest and cutting-edge technologies. We are the pioneers in offering innovative solutions to self-serve facilities that are commonly used today. We offer services in the following areas:

  • Existing Equipment Service and Maintenance
  • New Equipment Sales and Installation
  • Chemical Sales and Service
  • Remodeling of Existing Car Wash Facilities
  • Design and Construction of New Car Wash Facilities
  • Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Training

If you are looking for car wash development company that can offer you professional services and quality products like no other, then Big Man Washes and Big Man Development is for you. We have years of experience in the field that allows us to provide you a range of services, from mechanical, to chemical, to marketing, to employee training - we have it all.

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