Car Wash Construction In Texas & Oklahoma

Big Man Washes's main goal is to build your car wash so that construction will be as smooth as possible. Based in Irving, TX, we offer our construction services to the areas of Texas, and Oklahoma through our construction company, Big Man Development.

As an expert in not only car wash construction, but also equipment, maintenance, and chemicals, Big Man Development and Big Man Washes can serve you as a one stop shop, even after the construction of your car wash.

Car Wash Architecture & Design

We have our own architect who can help you to design the car wash you desire in order to attract the right customers.

Once your car wash is designed, building can begin! If the designer and builder are on the same team this helps to ensure that the construction of your car wash will go as smoothly as possible. We deliver no less than a finished, well constructed car wash.

Whether you have an architect and builder of your own or not, we are flexible. If you decide to use your own architect and builder, our cutting-edge knowledge and experience in the car wash industry allows us to help you find the best price and solutions with your contractors.

Car Wash Construction Layouts

Big Man Washes provides layouts for full service washes, express flex washes, and express exterior washes to our customers to ensure only the very best functionality for your car wash. We also make sure that you receive the true costs when purchasing your car wash equipment and installing the equipment during the construction process. By using only the most modern technology and equipment available, Big Man Washes helps to ensure a successful construction outcome.

Throughout the car wash construction process, and even post-construction, you can expect our team of experts to remain available and hands on with your project.

Big Man Washes provides car wash construction, equipment, chemicals, and service in Texas and Oklahoma unmatched by any other company. Our experience ensures that the car wash you build will be of the best quality possible. Continuing business with us will ensure that your car wash remains in pristine condition. Whether you’re trying to build a new car wash or renovate an already established one in Texas, Oklahoma, or the surrounding area, it will all go smoothly with Big Man Washes and Big Man Development.

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