Building a Car Wash

Big Man Washes strives to be the leader in helping you to achieve your goals of building a car wash. We can take care of everything from the design, development, budgeting, construction, equipment, training and service. We are proactive in the solutions to ensure that your car wash is a turn-key, fully functioning operation.

When building a car wash, our team of professionals will be with you each step of the way. Helping you meet each and every need that you have, and provide you with an accurate cost estimate, a positive construction experience, a well thought out design, and a strong foundation for a successful business.

From our extensive experience in building and remodeling car washes, we understand that decisions prior to the construction process have a huge impact on the success of a project. These decisions and choices come down to details such as the location, the site at the location, demographics, site layout, and equipment setup. It's our attention to detail in car wash construction and operations that makes us unique.

Beginning to Build a Car Wash

Prior to beginning the construction process, there are many more small but major details that should be well thought out. We use an architect who is well versed in the car wash industry to help think through the flow of customers in and out of your location, work with the planning and zoning committees, and design a car wash that stands out from anything else, with incredible visual aesthetics.

During this process, we provide real world cost estimates to help refine the design and help with forming an accurate business plan. Our experience and financial strength, allows us to work directly with you financial institution to help provide them the security the major investment requires.

Picking Equipment While Building Your Car Wash

While going through our car wash design process, we also consider car wash equipment. We carry Sonny's equipment, the largest conveyorized car wash equipment manufacturer/supplier in the world. It's important to think about equipment selection during the design process as different pieces of equipment require different specifications, which need to be allocated at the time of design rather than construction or installation.

The last factor that needs to be properly executed in building a car wash is the construction itself. Big Man Washes is different than most other car wash design or construction companies in that we are actually both. Big Man Development is our construction company and since we specialize in both design and construction, we are also your builders. This means that with us you'll deal with the same group of industry experts from the inception of your idea right through to the completion of your newly constructed car wash.

After Building Your Car Wash

Post-construction, we take building a car wash to a different level by ensuring that your employees are properly trained in equipment operations, facility management, and routine and minor maintenance. Our years of experience and Sonny's "Car Wash College", provide you the resources and confidence in the operation of your wash. Once your car wash is constructed and fully operational, you with fall under the Big Man umbrella of services and supplies.

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