Big Man Washes is a dynamic and growing organization that has quickly established itself as a market leader in the car wash industry. Together, Big Man Washes and BMG Commercial are a leading supplier for Car Wash Equipment, Chemicals, Construction, Maintenance and Service in the DFW/Metroplex area. From providing car wash equipment, chemicals and service to established car wash operators, to working with first time investors - we recognize that one-size does not fit all. We strive to provide the individual attention and solutions to each and every client.

Our business is built on people and relationships. Big Man Washes has paired themselves with some of the most recognized leaders in the industry. They are a Select Service Organization (SSO) for Sonny’s Enterprises, Inc. the largest supplier of conveyorized car wash equipment, parts and supplies in the world. In addition, they have affiliations with many industry leaders for support equipment including DRB Systems for controllers and point of sales, Vacutech for vacuum delivery systems, Conserv for water reclamation and spot-free systems, Protovest for blower alternatives, Diamond Shine for chemicals, and P&S Chemicals for detail products.


Our strategic focus and success is based on 3 principles/missions:

  • Our clients: Provide COMPLETE product and service solutions to our clients to maximize cost efficiency, successful operations, and maximum profits.
  • Our company: Maintain a personal corporate culture that focuses on ethics, teamwork, and delivery of solutions.
  • Our goal: Make ourselves so valuable to you, you cannot afford to use anyone else.


Our services include:

  • Existing Car Wash Equipment Service and Maintenance
  • New Car Wash Equipment Sales and Installation
  • Car Wash Chemical Sales and Service
  • Remodel of Existing Car Wash Facilities
  • Design and Construction of New Car Wash Facilities
  • Consulting

ABOUT OUR TEAM : Divisional Management

Based on our personal corporate culture, we welcome the opportunity to introduce our management team personally.

Wesley Dawson, President

Wesley Dawson, Owner

Wes Dawson founded Big Man Washes based on his passion, extensive experience, and education in all aspects of design & construction. He is hands on in all aspects of the business and runs the business based on his high business ethics and principles which have been instrumental in the success and growth of Big Man Washes.

Rick Gary, Director of Chemicals

Rick Gary, Director of Chemicals

Rick is in charge of sales and service of car wash chemicals and related supplies. He works closely with car wash facility operators to evaluate their needs and formulate plans and solutions accordingly. Rick is responsible for logistics and on-site visits, including monthly cost per car worksheets. He is also a liaison between facility operators and Tom Stewart to maintain services and support

Tim Attlee, Director of Construction

Tim Attlee, Director of Construction

Tim is responsible for all construction projects including remodels and new construction. Tim works with owners, developers, and architects to refine plans for bidding. He is responsible for bidding, permits, contracts, and project management. Tim coordinates with Tom to facilitate execution of equipment installations within the required construction timetable.

Keith Stewman, Director of Sales / Marketing

Keith Stewman, Director of Sales/Marketing

In January 2012, Keith made a career change and went to work for his friend of 10 plus years, Wes Dawson at his company Big Man Washes, Inc. With his 23 years of Car Wash knowledge Keith is advising seasoned operators as well as new investors in regards to acquiring existing car wash locations or remodeling their existing sites. Keith helps find and provide advice on new sites for potential new build projects.

Karen Myers, Director of Operations

Karen Myers, Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Karen is tasked with the successful coordination of all divisions of the company. Her main focus is maintaining open lines of communication and developing strategies for more efficient time management. In addition, she oversees the Administrative arm of the company to insure the best in customer service.

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